Backgammon at Barkowski

Backgammon and beers at Barkowski

Located within a few hundred meters from Nørreport, Barkowski is the obvious choice to go to for a fun night out where you can challenge a friend, your sweetheart or a colleague to a game of backgammon.

If you’re looking for a bar in Copenhagen where you can enjoy a game of backgammon, Barkowski is the right place for you. We have the perfect settings with a laid-back vibe, cozy lighting and plenty of space for board games with friends.

All our games at Barkowski may be used free of charge and together with our delicious selection of beers and drinks, it's a match made in heaven for an enjoyable afternoon or the start of a fun night out.


It’s all about “hygge”

Whether you are a real backgammon champ and make a gammon on your opponent or whether it’s your first encounter with the game, you’re always welcome here at Barkowski. We welcome you with a smile and look forward to serving some cold refreshments for your games.

The rules of Backgammon are pretty simple, and its definitely not a mission impossible to learn to play backgammon if you don't know the rules beforehand. Take it as a challenge if you haven't tried the game before, or be a good team player and share some of your tricks so you can have a nice evening together - regardless of gaming level!

Good luck!