Free Darts

At Barkowski there is always a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of opportunities to have a fun evening full of activities. We have a dedicated area where you can play darts free of charge. You can challenge your friends to an intense battle of darts while drinking cold beers.

Play darts at Barkowski

With a location a few hundred meters from Nørreport, Barkowski is an obvious place to drop by for a game of darts. With a wide selection of beers and drinks at affordable prices, Barkowski is a brilliant place to start a party. We have something for everyone at Barkowski, so if you’re more into pool, table football or maybe backgammon, we have it all for free!


Three Different Games of Darts

Here is three quick suggestions for which darts game you should play:

501: With the fewest arrows possible, you have to play your way from 501 points to exactly 0 points. However, to win the game, it must end with a Double or a Bull's Eye.

Around the World: You play around the board in numerical order. That means that you start by hitting 1, 2, 3, etc. up to 20. To win the game you must hit Bull. If you hit the number you have reached in the Double, you skip a number. With Triple you skip two numbers.

Mickey Mouse: All numbers from 12-20 as well as Double, Triple and Bull must be hit three times each to win the game. We recommend to write down the score to keep an overview of the game.

Take care of yourselves and each other!

Good game