Free Pool

Playing pool with friends is always fun, and at Barkowski, we've got two pool tables that you can use for free for as long as you want. You can have a great time with your buddies while enjoying cold beers from the bar and playing pool at our cozy bar in Copenhagen.

Pool in the perfect surroundings

Playing pool is always a good idea! Are you joining us to watch football on our big screen, you’re welcome to stay for a game of pool after the football match. We have turned our basement into an cozy pool room, so you find yourself in the right atmosphere to challenge your friends to an intense game of pool without distractions. Therefore, Barkowski, located near Nørreport, is the perfect choice for a fun evening at the pool table.

If the pool tables are occupied just talk to the bartender. We have a waiting list at the bar so you can relax until a table is available. Simply leave your number on the waiting list and we'll call you when it's your turn.

8 Ball Pool at Barkowski

You probably already had that annoying discussion with your friends on how to play 8 ball and which rules apply. The most important thing here at Barkowski is that you agree on which rules you play by. Whether it’s the official 8 ball pool rules or you have your own twist on the rules is not important, as long as you have a fun evening.

We look forward to welcoming you at the perfect setting for your evening with pool. See you at Barkowski!

Good luck