Free Table Football

Table football Near Nørreport

At Barkowski, the spirit is always high. We have the coziest candle lit settings in Copenhagen where you can enjoy your cold beer or drink. Whether you're going out with friends, family, colleagues or your partner, Barkowski has something for everyone. To start a fun night you can always challenge a friend to a game of table football.

Play table football at Barkowski - For Free!

You’re always welcome to use our foosball table free of charge as a guest at Barkowski. It’s the perfect opportunity to challenge your friends or make new acquaintances over the table football table.

Whether you play alone, as a team or maybe end up starting a whole tournament we always welcome you with a smile. At Barkowski, we love fun competitions, so there is room for everyone. If you want to be the next king of the table football table in Copenhagen, Barkowski is the right place!

Whether the table football is the beginning of a cool night out or whether you'll be the last man standing at the bar, we look forward to welcoming you at Barkowski!